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Drinking and Driving Law

Eat, Drink and Be Merry…but Don’t Drive

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Drinking and Driving Law | 1 comment

Texas is known to have tough driving while intoxicated (DWI) laws, and this is backed by stringent enforcement in response to public pressure to crack down on violators. It is understandable to want drunk drivers off the street because they do run a high risk of accidents, but sometimes you can get caught in the middle.

Holidays are an especially prickly time for Dallas law enforcement because a lot of people tend to get carried away with the merrymaking all at the same time all over the city. Most people are aware that getting behind the wheel after a convivial evening is not a good idea, but with nary a designated driver in sight, options are limited. There is no intention to do harm, but the tendency is to believe that since nothing untoward has happened before, nothing will happen this time. That is, until something does happen and you get arrested for DWI.

A DWI is no small potatoes anywhere, and Texas is no exception. Depending on the circumstances of an arrest, you could be facing anywhere between 72 hours to 99 years in prison plus jail time, license suspension or revocation, liability lawsuits…it is the crime that just keeps on giving.

However, an arrest does not necessarily have to lead to conviction, even if there seems to be overwhelming evidence for one. As the lomtl website states, there are many ways that a case may have been mishandled, from the original stop to the handling of the evidence, which can mean a dismissal or at least probation for the defendant. A competent Dallas criminal defense lawyer will find a way if any at all exists in a particular case. The important thing is to submit to field sobriety tests but refrain from giving any additional information or explanation without consulting with a lawyer first about your rights in such a situation.

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