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Mechanical Doctors – The Wonders of Medical Technology

Posted by on Dec 8, 2013 in Technology | 1 comment

There’s no doubt about it – the new doctor in the house is more than committed to perform the daily rounds to check on patients’ conditions . . . every day and at any time. The only thing is, it’s not human; it’s a robot.

For some years now, hospitals have been employing robots to help perform doctors’ tasks from the most basic, such as checking on patients through daily rounds, to the most complicated, think minimally invasive surgery. And since these robots have been specifically designed to perform hospital duties, they’re really great in what they do and can do.

Two famous robots that have been approved by the FDA are the da Vinci Surgical multi-armed robot and the RP-VITA Remote Presence Robot, the very first navigation remote-presence robot that has been approved hospital use. Thus, the next time a doctor checks on you, even if its hand is mechanical, never be surprised; it’s just your friendly robot doctor which is just making sure you’re perfectly alright.

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